Speaker Spotlight: Adam Ware of SwellPath

Adam is a self-declared “seasoned web veteran” with a rich web analytics background and extensive digital marketing experience and skills. Well-rounded in most areas of digital marketing and advertising with solid understanding of usability, web design, and underlying programming and CMS technologies. He’s now the CEO at SwellPath, an analytics consulting and digital marketing agency based in Portland. Adam is a WordPress fanatic, and has been a hardcore user since 2006. He’s got extensive experience with a wide-array of analytics applications, and has hacked and plugged-in most of them into WordPress.

Adam will be presenting on the topic of Measure Twice, Blog Once in the Users track.  Here’s an extract from what you can expect to hear from Adam:

This presentation focuses on methods and tools that can help folks get more actionable data out of their WordPress sites. I cover the basics of the Google Analytics plugin, and the other low-cost-or-free analytics application (Chartbeat, Clicky, etc.) plugins that are available for WordPress. Then I cover some basic analytics strategy best practices, before diving into the meat of the presentation, actual examples of ways to use analytics to gain more insight into user behavior. These include some basic tips like capturing off-site clicks to social media connections, and more complex, like feeding Google Analytics cookie data into contact forms and CRMs.

So register today for WordCamp Raleigh 2011 and come meet Adam.  Don’t forget to follow him on Twitter – @wheresitworking